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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Leaving San Blas

Well you can’t just leave San Blas without having eaten tacos…

So we, Monty of “Heavenly Star”, Gordon and Miriam of “Anwagomi”, John and Debby of “Lovely Reta” and us, Jim and Heather of “Meerkat” all went into town our last night for said tacos.

But first a few parts were needed, a few buildings were visited and a few streets were walked.

And a puppy was not rescued…
As much as we were all quite enamored of it…

And tacos!

The next morning at first light we motored out of the estuary on our way further north, along with “Lovely Reta”.Beautiful morning with wonderful cloud cover.
Calm seas.
Little wind.
Later we were able to have full sail up and motorsail along nicely between 8 and 10 knots.
Adios San Blas!

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