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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Disneyland! Isla Isabella Again!

The true Mexican name for this incredible island is “Isla Isabel“.
I was told by Raul that it has been Americanized to “Isla Isabella“.

I sort of thought it was like Disneyland.
The water was so clear, it was like being on that dopey submarine ride.

Only more fish here.
Amazing fish!
All colors.
Turquoise, bright blue, orange, pink, iridescent, amazing.
(So sad to not have an under-water camera anymore…)
Awesome snorkeling ~ especially with the 80 degree water!

And the bird life is not so bad either!
Along with the daily whale sightings…

This time we anchored out at the pinnacles.
And had to re-anchor due to having our chain wrapped around rocks.
But with the visibility and clarity of the water, no problem!

We did a hike with John and Debby and also Jeff and Linda of “Curari”.
We were amazed at how brown the vegetation is now.
It was so green in January!

But the birds are still in force.
Babies, adults, juveniles and even un-hatched eggs.

Frigates, gulls, pelicans and boobies with all colors of feet!

We hiked past the crater lake and out to the cliffs and beach overlooking the anchorage.Where the boobies nest.
This one showed us her egg.We were amazed to see yellow feet, green feet and several different shades of blue.

We saw a baby being fed.A baby the size of it’s mommy…

We saw researchers tagging, measuring and weighing the babies.

Incredible, amazing, beautiful, awesome.
I am running out of adjectives to describe this experience…

We saw male frigates in their full glory.

And don’t forget the ever entertaining iguanas!

What a I can’t think of any new adjectives! wonderful place!


Lucy Coltrane said...

OMG! Your experience here are what cruising dreams are made of! How utterly fantastic. Wish we could have been there. Love ya. Lucy

1st Mate said...

I love those blue feet! Isn't it funny how the babies can be as big as the parents, yet still need to be fed?

capricorncat08 said...

Hey, we saw the same birds! that baby Frigate is something only a mother could love! Boobie babies though are so cute you just want to hold and cuddle them....till they poop all over your boat then kill the %$*#((@&^!
We are in San Carlos...haul out a few days away!! 20 hour crossing was NOT fun....very bumpy, felt like a fish out of water when trying to sleep...flip flop flip flop...those were some big bumps for the boat! besos, Carol