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Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Powdered Sugar and Flames Don't Mix" aka "Deb's Birthday"!

Oh boy another party!
This time for the birthday celebration for Deb of "Pacific Jade".
About a dozen of us headed over to the tower on the Isla to "Citrus Ocean".
Quite the cool view from the bar way up at the top of the tower!

Of course I came prepared with party hats, leis and mermaids for our glasses!

"Lovely Reta" John and "Meerkat" Jim always enjoy the party hats!Pirhana "Pacific Jade" Joe too!
Not quite sure what these hora feliz snacks were they brought us...
Chicken toes?
I think some kind of cheese puff cracker something or other.

Then down a few floors to dinner.
And cake.
Always cake.
Courtesy of "Lovely Reta" Debby!
Notice how clean the tablecloth and area surrounding the cake is.Now Deb blows the candles out and the powerdered sugar combines with the flames and poof!
Goes everywhere.
A sort of flame up powdered sugar bomb.
Now look at the table...We were pretty much coupled up.

After all, Joe had Deb.

John had Debby.

Which left Tom with The Little Mermaid...

Deb did an entertaining cake face plant.And wore the party hats any way we suggested.A fun time was had by all ~ including us!

Cool place.

Fun night.

Always a party in Mazatlan!


Suzie said...

Your friends are so lucky to have you to make their memories so memorable!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Mmmmmmm, flaming powdered sugar... I GOTTA remember that trick!

Sounds like y'all had a great time, good on ya mates.