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Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Kid Boats" or as Jimmy Buffett Would Say, "We All Got 'Em, We All Want 'Em, What Do We Do With 'Em?"

Well, we here on "Meerkat" search them out.
They are cheap entertainment.
You do not need TV or books when kid boats are around.
In fact when the kids are climbing all over your boat, you wouldn't be able to watch TV or read anyway...We spent some quality time with the girls from "Don Quixote".
"Quality time" equaled "slumber party" on "Meerkat"...
In other words, they came over with their parents for one of those Happy Hours Throw Together Dinner things and didn't want to leave.
So Mom and Dad had to dinghy back at 10:30 at night to get jammies, blankies (baba's in "Don Quixote" language) and toothbrushes (my request).
One jammie was forgotten, so Mera slept in a t-shirt of Jim's.
We played games and had hot chocolate until midnight.
Celebrated Mera's recent birthday by wearing things on our heads.We aren't sure why Jaime (a 13 year old), Mera (11 years) and Aeron (8 years) would want to hang out with a couple of "old people", but they did!

A sad "adios" the next day, as "Don Quixote" was heading North and we were heading South...

No TV reception in The Sea?
Book getting to a boring part?
Need more entertainment?
Find another kid boat.

We found "Totem".Three more kids to entertain us!
And cheaply too!
For the cost of a half box of pineapple juice we were entertained for hours.
Mairen, 7 years old was about to lose a tooth!
Niall, 10 years old has his own blog, wants to be an icthyologist and can tell you the exact differences between a needle fish and a trumpet fish (and he did).
Siobhan, 5 years old seemed to be the go between.
I think the older kids put her up to it.
During one of those Happy Hours on "Meerkat", she came to me to ask if they could play on the trampolines.
Then she came to me to ask if they could play on the kayaks.
Then she came to me to ask something or other, so I asked her if she even knew my name.
So I told her and then she climbed into the backseat of Mairen's plane and took off.Another "adios" the next day.
Again kind of sad.
We don't know them that well, but remember cheap entertainment!
As we motored out of Agua Verde, this tiny little girl voice came on the vhf calling "Meerkat, Meerkat, this is Totem".
Oh yea ~ more entertainment!
So I answered and after a few "hi, how are yous" was told by Mairen that the tooth fairy had found her!
And she found 15 pesos under her pillow!
So how many of you can say a 7 year old took the time out of her busy day to call you on vhf to tell you her tooth came out?
Apparently the fact that I had kept threatening to tie the dinghy to that tooth and have Jim take off full speed had sunk in with her...
Remember, cheap entertainment!


1st Mate said...

Old folks you definitely aren't. Your inner kids are alive and well.

judith said...

I agree, that's why the kids want to hang out with you... you're fun. I see all kinds of wiggly jiggly teeth, but they NEVER call me on a radio to tell me when they have come out.

Behan said...

Heather, as a parent it is always fun to hear another perspective on your kids- I loved reading yours! That was such a fun time in Agua Verde. Don't think the kids don't remember, either- Siobhan brought Meerkat up just yesterday. We all hope that our paths cross again next season!

Doug and Carla Scott said...

Loved seeing the kids on Meerkat - how fun. Especially, the Totem gang. We sure miss them!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Behan - Siobhan probably misses the talking parrot more than she misses us!
Give all three kids a hug from me :)

Anonymous said...

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