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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sea Stories ~ "Lisa Marie"

Oh yipee!
We ran into Mark and Kathy of "Lisa Marie" (who we had met ten years ago when we cruised Mexico on "Thistle") off of Loreto and arranged to meet up in a few days at Candeleros.
Yeah, right a "meet up", like that's going to happen.
Well amazingly enough it did happen!
We were very happy to see their boat come around the corner into the anchorage, so immediately (well after they anchored) called them on vhf.
They invited us over for a cocktail.
Ok, that worked for us, as who knew when we would see them again.
Then I was down in one of the hulls and Mark calls us back on vhf.
This is what I heard:
"Hey Jim, you guys want to come over for dinner too? We got some nice cabrilla in Agua Verde."
Jim checked with me and replied:
"Sure ~ sounds great! We will bring a salad and some white wine to go with the cabrilla."
So we dinghy over and get treated to an awesome huge plate of yellowtail sushi prepared by their son, Chris.YUM!
And Mark is back by the bbq saying it's going to take another 45 minutes to cook the cabrilla.
45 minutes to cook fish?
So then we figured out Mark was saying "cabrita".
Ok, this is cabrilla:And this is cabrita:Yep, little dead baby goat.
Obviously Mark and Kathy didn't know I had a pet goat growing up...
Reminded me of the Southpark episode where the kids want veal to be re-named as "little dead baby cow".
So I'm thinking they should name little dead baby goat something that doesn't sound like a fish name.
Maybe instead of cabrita, a name like "little dead baby goat".
Everyone else agree?
So we ate, drank and told stories until midnight.
This is not the best picture of Kathy, but in the next picture Mark's eyes weren't even open...
But what fun we had little dead baby goat and all!


Doug and Carla Scott said...

Yum, sushi! Let Lisa Marie know that we are available if they ever have more!

Meghan said...

Mmmm little dead baby cow. What a good episode, of our favorite family show.