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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Socializing in The Sea... It Happens

The dolphins do it.And we do it.
Sometimes it's planned.
Sometimes it just happens.
Sometimes it is dinner.
And many times it is a 4 hour Happy Hour.

Here is an example of a Happy Hours.
Hours plural.
Meaning Bob called and said come over!
And we are were there all night...Yes, the husbands were invited and were there, but we had to do a "chick" picture with singlehander Bob.
Joanne of "Corazon", Kent of "Sea Level", Moi, Bob of "Pantera", Ardy of "Odyssey" and Patsy of "Talion".
Needless to say, Bob loved this!

And here is an example of a planned daytime social Sea gathering.
Sitting in a foot and a half of water at Isla Coronados.Jeff & Dori of "Journey" (from Ventura), Barbara & John of "Naida", Rick & Karen of "Eyes of the Squirrels World" (also from Ventura!), and Greg & Deb of "Lion's Paw".
Duh! Taking the picture.

And an unplanned dinner!
This usually happens when the Happy Hours start too early and then you throw dinner together on someone's boat.In this case we hadn't seen Mike & Wendy of "Bodhisattva" (from Channel Islands) since our going away party!
So the Happy Hours meant lots of catching up.
Happy Hours turned into dinner at 9 pm and more catching up until midnight...

There are reasons we don't see too many sunrises...


Unknown said...

Dear Heather,
Yesterday morning (6/5) I called Ventura phone information to try and find your phone number only to come home last night to find your facebook request! I cannot believe this....amazing! For some reason when I tried to log in to facebook my password did not work...I tried responding the facebook E-mail only to get a "no reply" sent back....I'm trying this and hoping you get it. Please contact me at dmrubio@gmail.com. I miss you!
Love you, Dioneabelle

P.S. Can I forward your blog to Suzannabelle? Ralph says Hi!

Unknown said...

P.S.S. Yes, I am totally incompetent at computer usage...be patient my friend '-)