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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sea Stories ~ "Shamaness"

Oh boy ~ it's really, really fun to run into people you met ten or eleven years ago.
Like running into Dennis of "Shamaness" not that he remembered us from back then.
Ray and Lucy ~ remember the singing Christmas Tree in Tenacatita on Christmas Eve 1998?Well that was Dennis on the left laughing his ass off, as wet as it was.
And here is Dennis eleven years later, sharing a pot of lobster tails!We had briefly ran into him in La Cruz, but didn't have much time together there.
Oh, but in the Sea of Cortez...
We shared anchorages a few times.
And shared a lot, and I mean a lot of laughs.
His friends Margie and Scott fit right in.
I take that back.
Scott didn't really fit in.
Not wearing cowboy boots and jeans during beach launchings...Actually he was quite good at jumping into the dinghy without getting his boots wet.
And he was good for laughs!


judith said...

I have missed your posts, glad you are back. Jolea may be going to Cabo for a boat delivery.

Ray and Lucy said...

Sure do remember those guys. What a great Christmas that was. Truly amazing how many old friends are still cruising around out there. Wish we were too!!