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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to Back Prisoners Trips ~ Second Time with Brett & Terri

Brett & Terri can come out on our boat anytime.
Look what they showed up with:The scary part?
They came with two ice chests...

Some things not to be posted on myface spacebook facebook.
Such as full ice chests.
And pigeon removal.Pigeon removal from the inside of my boat.
Yes, inside.
Apparently he flew into the rigging, bounced off of the bimini and down a hatch.
Let's just say, there will be no more flying for this flying rat pigeon.
Thanks Brett!

A Friday night at the dock with us getting to know Terri.For all of you ex-C-dockers and family, Brett is Doug's brother.
Doug of "Doug, Melissa & Brock".
Who are now Doug and Shannon.
Melissa and Lee.
And Brock is now 20...

A Saturday morning departure.
Calm and flat once again!
Dolphins on the way.Same stuff.
Fishing, hiking, beer, wine, food, blah, blah, blah.
Only this time insurance clients / friends joined us on their boats!
"Enchanted Sol" & "Blue Aweigh"!And "Blue Aweigh" was Mexico pals in addition to being Ventura pals.

Uh what else?
Brett wore a girl's backpack.Terri found Carmen Alberta's friend (long story ~ see some old boring post from IDK, maybe September of 2008?)!Hike to the Guard Shack.
Whoa deja vu...
And yes, Ranger Timmy it's still the Guard Shack.

Found a usage for the round thing on the corner.
It's a BAR!A little high for some of us, but usable.

Saw a couple of these little guys again!They walked right past us.
I guess we are less threatening than wild pigs?

Posed for a dork picture with our friends!
Brett, Mike, Lisa, Heather, Jim, Cyndi & Bruce.

Brett went for a little pee walk.Um, what else?
Dinner, wine, stories, laughter.
And halibut!Another great trip with fun friends and awesome weather.

Brett & Terri ~ Thanks for making the drive up, making the time to be with us and contributing to our refrigerator so well!

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Lucy Coltrane said...

Ahh, you guys have become my idols. Going to the islands, playing with friends and having a great time. Alas, too much of a good thing is not not good, so rest my friends so you can do it all over again and again. Rest so your perspectives will be fresh and exciting and the memories will get embedded. We love you guys and miss you very much.