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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Everything Including The Kitchen Galley Sink!

It is absolutely amazing what makes a liveaboard or cruiser happy.
Things like new toilets.
New sailcovers.
Or in my case this week:
A new galley sink!
Wheeee doggies!Yep, a sink.

But a boat sink is different than a house sink.
For a house sink you hop in the suv and motor on over to Lowe's.
Seventeen different choices.
All that fit.
All reasonably priced.
Have holes pre-cut for faucets.
Takes about 10 minutes to install.
No big deal.

For an overpriced, incredibly hard to find a boat sink?
Takes about three years to research and find the correct size.
Oh yay ~ they do make one in the way weird odd size!
You have to order from the local marine chandlery.
Wait for arrival.
Have friend, Stan come assist.
Find odd parts.
Strange sized stainless screws.
Drill all new holes for the four or soon to be five faucets / soap dispensers.
Why five?
Fresh water big faucet.
Fresh hose water filtered faucet for drinking.
Dedicated water maker tank foot pump.
Salt water foot pump.
Cool dish soap dispenser gift from Apple and Little Lovely Lucy Lowe.
All afternoon project.
The wife is happy.

Why is the wife happy?
Larger sinks!
Deeper sinks!
Stainless steel ~ no more stained from coffee grounds and red wine dregs white sink.

And for all the friends who have washed dishes over here and ended up with wet bellies?
Come on over and try it!

Ooohhhh... can't wait to get new head sinks...


judith said...

Home improvement are the best.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

And boat improvements are right up there with them!

Meghan said...

looks like one NNIIICCEEEE sink! :)

judith said...

For you they are the same.... the boat is home.

"Seattle" Heather said...

Im still waiting for my sink to be cocked that he installed 3 years ago...I dont know what the hold up is. Perhaps he's making sure its the right marine kitchen sink? LOL

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I learned a loooooooooong time ago that all you gotta do is call any cheap doo-hickey a "Marine Doo-Hickey", crank up the price by a factor of ten, and then you too are owning a boat supply store.