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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thanks Suzie!

We had a friend who bought a boat named "Thanks Larry".
The guy he bought it from made his gazillions from working at Oracle.
So the "Thanks Larry" was to Larry Ellison, Mr. Oracle.
Cause they all made gazillions...

I'm thinking of naming something "Thanks For Nothing Bill".
Because not only did my nice Canon printer not work with Windows 7,000,000, but neither did my nice Canon scanner.
Or the fun photo software that came with the Canon products.

So had to buy a new printer and scanner.
Any nice fun software come with it?
You know the kind to add text and handwriting to my maps and Google Earth pics?
What about simple cropping?

So... no cropping.
No text.
No handwriting...
No color correcting.
Red eyes abound.

But thanks to Suzie, she told me about a downloadable, FREE software!
So back to some cropping.
Adding text.
Drawing arrows.
Back to being able to wish people happy birthday on dopey pics on spacebook.
And back to monkeying around with pics to figure out just what this software is capable of.

So here's to you Suzie!

Just having a little fun!


Suzie said...

Of course I like the boat one the best but they are all cool. I can sit for hours which remind me.........gotta get to the office.....darn! Bye!

Anonymous said...

You're making me jealous! I sooooo need to change websites so I can do cool stuff like you! Miss you both! Jeannine & Jim/Phil

Lucy Coltrane said...

I sure hope you do the 365 project. I can't wait to see what you post.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Hey Jeannine! Yes, switch to blogspot. Way easier. Can give you the Meerkat tutorial when you come thru next - certainly have shown enough others! Miss you two too :)
Uh Lucy... don't count on it. I cannot even fathom having enough time to try to take photos everyday, edit them, then post them. And I took a look at that website last night - uh OMG to say the least (or sound like a 12 year old), amazing pics, amazing talent and Suzie is right up there with some of the best! So probably not happening. Unless I quit working?