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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Foggy Ventura "Meerkat"... a Destination

Guest after guest.
It's all good though!
I was thinking it was Ventura that was everyone's summer destination.
Suzie told me it was us the people are coming to see.

So next?
Chuck, Laura and critters Ethan, Aidan & Sydney came from Utah.
They came a few years back and spent the night on the boat.
Kids thought that was great!

This time?
Hotel, but a visit on the boat.Sometimes kids running amok on the boat frightens me.
Or makes me drink.
And sometimes it makes me think seriously of kidnapping.Chuck and Laura are doing an amazing job of raising these kids.
They listen.
They know who is boss.
They do as they are told.
They are polite.
They are smart.
They are way funny.
They know when to be funny and when to behave.
Did I mention cute?It was really great to see them and catch up with them.
Chuck was one of my neighbor pals back in my Port Hueneme Beach volleyball & bike riding days.
Wow ~ friends for 22 years!So two nights of fun.
Two dinners out.
Two nights of being entertained and coming up with means of kidnapping.So...
"Motel Meerkat"...
Once again ready!

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