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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Matanchen Bay and San Blas The Second Time Around

Yep, we were here before.
Yep, the same damn no-see-ums have found me.
Those bugs must be so happy that I am back!!!
This time we spent a couple of nights anchored in Matanchen Bay and enjoyed 80 plus degree water.We enjoyed a lovely dessert wine from Chile.

We enjoyed finding cases of canned Pacifico for $150 pesos.
Jim enjoyed me helping him to carry the cases of Pacifico...

We enjoyed our meander around the beach and our view of a crocodile just to the side of the road.

We really enjoyed meeting new friends Gordon and Miriam of "Anwagomi" who knew / know so many of our friends from 10 years ago!

The most laughs?
Our attempt to boogie board in the 12" of water at the point in the 12" high waves.
They just looked SO BIG from the boats!
The waves had next to no power and no matter how hard John, Jim and I kicked with our fins we couldn't catch a wave...
At all.

So back to the marina in the estuary for their buy two nights get a third night deal.We led the way with "Lovely Reta" and "Anwagomi" following.
The scary part?
Seeing a breaking wave at the entrance in front of us.
No problems though and we read a minimum depth of 12' of water.

We enjoyed a second "Jungle Cruise" trip with Debby and John.
Saw lots of crocodiles again, lots of cool birds and lots of turtles this time!

This time we went to the crocodile farm.
Lots of big ones behind chain link fences staring at us.
Some with their mouths open.Showing their teeth.
Lots of teeth.
Lots of sharp, pointy teeth.

And lots of baby crocs.But they all looked well-fed.

Then to the fresh water fed swimming hole at La Tovara.
Mmmmmmm... fresh water!

We enjoyed a swim, a beer and a quesadilla.Well, John didn't quite get to enjoy all of his quesadilla...

The insurance agent in me was concerned about the lack of railing along the entire side of the restaurant.Basically you could, if you so desired just walk off the restaurant floor and fall about 8 feet into the swimming hole.
Which John didn't quite do...
He slid his chair back about 2 inches and there was a hole.
A hole where they had cut down a tree.
The back of his chair went into the hole and he went into the larger hole ~ the swimming hole.
Taking his chair and the red-clothed table with him.
I grabbed their backpack and Jim grabbed the table.
His hat, Debby's purse and his last quesadilla all went for a swim.
Luckily John did an incredible save and caught himself about half-way down.
A few scrapes, a shot of tequila and Debby drying out her driver's license, money and credit cards and all was back to normal.
His wet hat kept him cool on the panga ride back to San Blas.

A meander through town, a purchase of some fresh fruit and veggies, a hunt for fan belts and bolts and two bbq'd chickens later we were back at the boats.

Another fine day in no-see-um land San Blas!


"Seattle" Heather said...

Oh that is great story! I love your pictures! Although, I'm not too sure I like the crocs I think they would scare me eek!

judith said...

You know they just started selling chicken up at the Fed-X copy center too....

Now that's funny. Do they seal your copias in plastic to keep the grease and BBQ sauce off them?

Suzie said...

As usual, you make it all sound like cold beers and lovely sunsets - or cool water holes. Now get busy and stow the beer, do the laundry, hang it out to dry, wash the boat, download the pictures, upload the pictures, cook dinner, do the dishes without a dishwasher and entertain new friends for cocktails - make sure the boat is nice and pretty for them! Ah, the good life! Makes me glad you are young! Have fun!

Doug and Carla Scott said...

Oh my, what an an adventure. Can't wait to check out the sites next year. Thanks for all of the tips - see you in a couple of weeks!

1st Mate said...

Debbie! I click-enlarged your first croc pic, to get a better look. Did you notice the puddle of BLOOD just below where he was sitting? Like he'd just finished off one of those egrets for lunch! I know, we all have to eat...

Ray and Lucy said...

OMG! What an adventure falling out of the dining room into a swimming hole! Only in Mexico would they not cover up the hole in the deck! Sounds like the time we dumped the dinghy in the Tenacatia estuary. Ray in his dripping hat was hilarious. You should take pictures when things like this happen.