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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mas Disneyland Isla Isabel!

But wait, there’s more!

We enjoyed some of our San Blas shrimp (quite the oxymoron for this size of shrimp!)!

I know I mentioned the water clarity…Incredible snorkeling!
We saw moray eels ~ one right under the boat when we were cleaning the bottom!
We saw clown fish, blue fish with bright iridescent blue spots, turquoise and pink parrot fish, blue damsels, blue and orange damsels, striped tang and my favorite ~ spotted rays!

And how cool the pinnacles are.

Looks like the Matterhorn at Disneyland, doesn’t it?

We watched the black frigates torment what looked like an albino frigate.We enjoyed our time with John and Debby!Possibly enjoyed this particular evening a tad too much?
What fun this place is!


Suzie said...

You DO look VERY happy indeed! Sounds like a great time!

Doug and Carla Scott said...

Yummy looking shrimp - I love those things. See you real soon!

Jennifer said...

That does look like the matterhorn!! I am going to have to get a good picture of it when I am there on Saturday and compare the 2!! Are you guys coming for a visit anytime in the near future?? We miss you tons!

judith said...

Looks like fun... gargantuan size shrimp and all.

Behan said...

So spectacular! We're in San Blas enjoying the fabulous "shrimp" (har har) and heading for Isla Is. next week. I think. Hope to have as lovely conditions as you did... when we stopped in Jan., we couldn't land the dinghy in the swell! Do the researchers need anything that you know of??

Unknown said...

Jim & Heather;
I have set Nov. 1 to take Blue Max to La Paz. I have a slip reserved in CostaBaja Marina. Putting the autopilot on now. Judy will fly down and stay at the resort and wait for us.