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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Miami Mazatlan Dinghy Cruise

We joined Bill, Joanne and Joanne's Dad Joe of "Tica", Deb and Joe of "Pathetic Jade" "Pacific Jade" and Bill and Mary Jane of "Great Max" "Grey Max" joined us in a dinhgy cruise up the canals to see the houses.
Doesn't quite look like it did 10 years ago...I don't remember any houses 10 years ago.
Now parts of it look like Miami or Fort Lauderdale!

This one even had a full bar set up in the backyard!
No one was around, so we probably could have snuck up there and had a drink and gone for a little swim...

I am just not 100% sure about their building methods...

MJ came prepared.

So did the Dad.

Then we headed to Seafarer Restaurant and the new little marina on the other side of the isla.

Way cool!

The restaurant is surrounded by a salt water aquarium!

Complete with puffer fish, a ray and a sea turtle!

Of course we knew six other people sitting a few tables away ~ "Windward Bound", "Gypsea's Palace" (Jim used to work with Teresa of "GP") and "Wirewalker".

Bill of "Wirewalker" had the perfect shirt on.I need to find one for Jim.
Except with Jim's Beer Removal Service, not Bill's Beer Removal Service or we would have to change Jim's name to Bill it would be dumb.


judith said...

They do have a variety of building methods don't they? What's with those crookety poles? Shortage on 2x4s? That white gazebo wasn't going anywhere, built of 8" drill casing.

1st Mate said...

I remember Grey Max, they docked next to us two years ago at Nuevo Vallarta!

I heard there was a crocodile around there, but I guess you didn't see him (just as well)

You probably already know that Sol Mate is there in Maz getting prop repairs...

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I really like the shirt!

Mexico looks even more laid back than Oz, cool.