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Thursday, July 9, 2009

G Dock Has Gone South...

Well a few members of the famous G Dock went to Ohio.
A couple went to Texas.
Some went to Bakersfield.
But the majority of G Dock has gone South.
"Eyes of The Squirrels World" is in Puerto Vallarta.
"Andanzas" is in Mazatlan.
We are somewhere.
And "Passage II" is here in San Diego!
And so is John Howard!
So a typical G Dock festivity had to be planned and partook partaken partooked in executed.
In "Meerkat" fashion, that meant burgers on the BBQ.

Jim C., Lucy, John and me.

Switch me with Jim.

And how many of you can say you had John Howard create his famous Thai chicken pizza in your galley?

So to thank Jesse and Shanna for arranging this sardine slip we actually shared it with them last night!

Typical G Dock ~ food and friends!

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