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Thursday, July 2, 2009

They Just Keep Coming!

San Diego is an amazing place.
Either half of the world is here or we just know a lot of people in San Diego.

First my wonderful cousin, Julianne came for a visit.
She has been storing Jim's truck for the last few days and gets it back when we head further North in the boat.
She brought us cookies, wine and beer and then took us to dinner!

We heard a "Hey Meerkat" and it was Monte from "Heavenly Star"!
Last seen by us in San Blas when he was preparing his boat to haul out.

Then Jim C. and Little Lovely Lucy Lowe of "Passage II" (used to be on our dock in Ventura) came.
They drove us around a little and let us use Jim C.'s truck to go get Jim D.'s truck.
It's a good thing the Jim's last names start with a different letter or we would never know which one is which.

Then some guy we had never seen in person came knocking.
It was Markitos ~ fellow blogger!Turned out his boat was about 4 boats down the dock...

Then we heard a laugh we will never forget.
He didn't even need to knock on the boat, just laugh.
Marc Hall of "Crazy Fish"!And Kelly, Kelley or Kellie.
One of those names.
We cruised with Marc back in 1998-2000.
The last time we had seen him was at the Long Beach Boat Show in 2000, where we lost him.
Apparently he was not lost after all, just down a different aisle.

The amazing part?
We have no phone yet, so have been connecting through this blog, facebook and skype.

So now we hope to connect with Dione, Ralph, Mike, Kathy, Ryan, Rudy, Doug, Brock, Melissa, John and Fay and I am probably forgetting someone.


Lucy Coltrane said...

It's because you and Jim are special people. Everyone gravitates to special people that have glowing personalities. Can you tell I miss y'all? I wish I could be one of those people gravitating down the dock in San Diego. Hell, I just wish I could be in San Diego! We so miss California.

You will just have to go to Morro Bay and get me more pictures of "Pepina Rae" (Grace). I don't think that's too much to ask. LOL Love you guys. Have a wonderful homecoming!

1st Mate said...

Sounds like it's party time! After that bash, you deserve a celebration.

Suzie said...

Not everyone reads all the comments all the time so I will repeat my suggestion until Heather gets tired of hearing it and hope that others will agree with me.

Heather, write a book! You are gifted. Go for it!

Love you, Girlfriend!

Markitos said...

Sure was great meeting you both. Your just as nice as you come off on here! Markitos