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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thanks Be to Net Controllers and Weathermen!

A giant THANKS to all the net controllers on Sonrisa Net!
And to Geary the wonderful and funny and tie dyed weatherman!
I wish we were at his palapa in El Burro Cove today, because he throws the best 4th of July party around!

A giant THANKS to all the net controllers on the Amigo Net!
And Don Anderson the weather guru who gets up at some strange hour lightyears before the rest of us to research, then give the most detailed and in depth weather around!
I love when he explains and educates us on the whys and hows of weather.
We will see him soon when we get back to the Ventura / Channel Islands area to give him thanks in person.

A giant THANKS to all the net controllers on the Southbond Net!
And again to Don when he gives his weather updates and chubasco forecasts!

I wish I would have written down all the names of the net controllers...
Hmmmmm... let's see.
Lovely Reta. Curare. Jake. Two Pieces of Eight. Masquerade. Galliant Fox. Harmony. Jacaranda. SolMate. Juniata. Serenity. Mija. Lion's Paw. I am cheating a little because I am looking on websites... Maitairoa. Sweet Lorraine. Journey. Mandan. Who did I forget????

Thank you all from "Meerkat"!
You are the best!


1st Mate said...

Mark on "Sol Mate" served at net controller on the Amigo Net, even when he was in La Cruz marina and had to motor out several miles each morning for a good signal.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

And he did a GREAT job! The only bummer with him was that I never got to meet him...

The SHALS said...

Hi there,

Just checking in to see what you are up to. We imagine that you are still in price-of-things shock. Are you still planning on stopping in Newport on your way north?

Our love to you both, The Shals