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Friday, July 17, 2009

Turning Pins and Doll Fins Dolphins

I'm not quite sure when it became acceptable for sailing instructors to tell little tiny 8 year olds at the tiller of little tiny sailboats that it is ok to aim for that catamaran.
Turn at that catamaran.
Tack at that catamaran.
Gybe at that catamaran.
Use it as a turning pin.Seriously little child with a hat falling over your eyes, it's ok!
And you, who cannot even see over the sides of your sabot, no worries!
The catamaran owners won't mind!
And you slightly taller 12 year old, who has dumped the laser at least a dozen times in the last 15 minutes, go closer, gybe, tack as close as you can!
It was a giant sabot and laser infestation in Dana Point!
And then the overrun by the outriggers...They too were full of 8 and 12 year olds.
Who thought it was fun to go between the buoy and boat...
Until one almost hit us.

Get us out of here!
So we left.
Alan and Susan of "Toshal" showed up bright and early the next day for the motorboat ride up to Newport Beach.


Even a few killer whales.More dolphins.
More peace.
More quiet.
Except the sounds of the engines.
And then back into a giant infestation of sabots while entering Newport Harbor.
More 8 year olds sailing backwards at a quarter of a knot.
Into our path.
Instructors just watching...
Oh joy, here we go again!


judith said...

That's what I remember about being in that harbor. Like a traffic jam.

Suzie said...

I think it is even worse than it was a few years ago. It looks like a total nightmare to me. Makes you want to get out the BB Gun, eh? All those little darlings - pop- pop!

Probably by now you are at the islands and things are better and you can breath again. Cause your pictures sure took my breath away!

judith said...

Sorry, I meant the bay... not the harbor. Hope you got out alive.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Try tossing out some of your own bouys in a circle around Meerkat. Of course, make sure they are all attached to each other by a line about 1 foot underwater :) *snicker*

la isla d'lisa said...

Could be worse. What if they were learning in (gasp!) Turnabouts?!

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