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Monday, July 20, 2009

Visit From "Makai"!

We cruised with Eric and Jackie of the Islander 41' "Makai" in 97-98 and again in 99-00.
Pals from the old days will remember them by their water-crazed dog, Teak.Teak would bark at the water until Jackie or Eric would throw a floaty toy for Teak to jump in and rescue.
For hours.
I remember Jackie from her home-made corndogs.We last saw them in May of 2000 at anchor in San Juanico in the Sea of Cortez.
They were heading back to California to have babies and we were heading back to buy a catamaran.
Success all the way around.
They now have three babies kids and we now have "Meerkat".
Eric sneaked out of work this morning and Jackie sneaked out of home-schooling and they came for a visit!Talk about a full dinghy...

Well, Teak the crazed water dog is now in dog heaven and has been replaced they now have Topaz, the water crazed dog #2.

But this one doesn't bark at the water!

The kids Roy, Genoa and Marie, loved the boat and fit right in.

Faces and all...

So this was sort of like no time had passed.
We still talked boats.
Still talked a little about the old days.
Still talked catamarans.
Yep, just like no time had passed...
Except for the three new small humans.

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Anonymous said...

The kids were all discussing which staterooms they were going to live in on your boat. Watch out!