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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Bugs Win...

Ok, they win.
We will leave.
If we miss a quarter inch of skin while spraying repellant, a no-see-um will find that little teeny tiny quarter inch.
I know because I keep watching it happen.
We are done.
They won.

But first, a quick walk to the small central market for fresh fruit and veggies.

And a dip in the ice cold pool and chilly jacuzzi with a view of the boat and estuary.The guys still have to walk to the beer store.
Maybe some fresh bread and flour tortillas.
What else?
Ooh another shower with endless cold water.
Maybe an ice cream tonight?
So tomorrow we will head South to Chacala ~ about 20 miles away.


Jolea said...

Damn no see ums!

judith said...

Don't you remember in our favorite book how the bugs were in the ICW? Slow moving water = fast moving bugs.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately greenery equals bugs!
I remember being chewed on them when we spent an evening with friends camped near the mangroves at the south end of Playa Santispac. The food was good, but the no-see-ums thought we were tasty, too!

Ray and Lucy said...

Ahhh, I'm surprised it took this long for the bugs to get the upper hand. They are ferocious little devils. You guys did real good staying as long as you did. San Blas is pretty, but....

1st Mate said...

I'm betting you will LOVE Chacala! Easy dink landing. Warm and friendly. And I didn't get bitten once while I was there, even though they also have their share of greenery.