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Saturday, January 24, 2009

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

We had a great hora feliz that went on until 9 pm with Evan and Flossie of "Jambo" at Punta de Mita,
then headed in the next day to our old stomping grounds of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

La Cruz has changed.

Huge changes.
Instead of the small panga breakwall, there is a giant marina with gigantic slips.
Most of them empty.

There is a huge Mega store in Bucerias ~ what used to be known as Commercial.
Incredible products and produce!
We had a blast in there yesterday...

Hotels, condos, houses and tall buildings are everywhere.
Golf courses and green beautiful landscaping with fountains and walls.
Totally different than the bay I remember...

Jim and I enjoyed a nice dinner out with Dave and Kellie of "Sweet Lorraine".

I had my fill of pozole, quesadilla and some other thing...

There seems to be more wildlife now.

And the sunsets are still beautiful!

Still lots of dogs.

And now to shock Ray, Lucy, Kirby and Suzie ~ the marina and anchorage at La Cruz!

"Meerkat" is marked with the "v".

Today we are planning on a daysail across the bay and back out to Punta de Mita to anchor.
Then early, early we will head South around Cabo Corrientes towards Chamela, Tenacatita, Melaque and Barra de Navidad!


judith said...

Nice!... I'm hungry!

Hey in the next post show me a map of where you were in Baja and where you are now.... I love maps. Pretty please!

Anonymous said...

There really has been a big change there....I remember lots of open space and small village type places along that side of the bay! Progress, I suppose.....but where's all the water coming from for all that green stuff??

Suzie said...

Well, you have me crying :( I am never, ever going back. My memories are intact and I will leave them that way. I happen to like buying a just plucked chicken off the street and picking through the tomatoes and onions. Dos Felipes, Crew Quarters, La Luna y Sol and the dirty water. Oh, and the Tee Shirt shop. Is it gone too? So quaint and nice for breakfast or lunch. Getting old and progress both are not much fun. I am sad but thanks for the dose of reality!

Ray and Lucy said...

We knew the marina was there, but no one has sent us pictures except you. What a difference! I agree with Suzie on some things, but the dirty sewage water...I sure don't miss that. I have mixed emotions about progress....on one hand, I miss the old, but on the other, OMG a Mega in Bucerias!! This foodie would have died and gone to heaven if that had happened when we were there! Then on the other hand the traffic is horrible now. You see, I like some things and don't like others. There's just no pleasing some people!!

Margarita Mirasol said...

You. Live. In. Heaven.

Jolea said...

Hi guys!!! Love to see your traveling pics!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle is fantastic. We just purchased a condo at Alamar in La Cruz.