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Friday, January 16, 2009

Isla Isabella to Mantanchen? Metanchen? Matanchen? Whatever Bay

I have seen the Bay of Matanchen spelled three different ways.
But I think I will go with their street signs.
And if you don't get it right the first time, there is a second street sign to remind you.So up anchor at the lovely isla and off towards the mainland.

Once again, we were in for a whale show of a lifetime!

This baby whale was right next to the boat.

I was in heaven.

No dorados on this day...
Just a stupid boobie bird...that Jim and I had to cut the lure out of...

Then dolphins in the green green water of the mainland welcoming us in to the bay!In and anchored in the flat calm bay of whatever Matanchen.

We had a pet crapping cute bird off and on who really seemed to enjoy the freshly polished (by Alan) starboard bow pulpit.

Jim liked him and wasn't the one who had polished, so we let him be.

I made focaccia bread and poblano chili and cream cheese stuffed pork tenderloin - yum!
Enjoyed another lovely evening.The next day we dinghied in to the beach and then caught a ride in the back of a truck in to San Blas.

Passed a tienda with a perfect place for the kids ~ built in swings!In to town for a little exploration, a "meeting" with some people who have lived here for over 40 years for a little "advice" and a walk down to the estuary to check out the entrance.
Looked totally do-able to us.Then a walk-about town, lunch, exploration and some cool finds.A decision was made...
We wanted to spend more time here, so let's go into the brand new, electricity challenged cheap seats ~ the new Singlar Marina in the San Blas estuary.
But first, back to Matanchen Bay where we had a super quick beer as the no-see-ums came out and ate Susan, Alan and me alive...
But what a view!


Suzie said...

So glad you had such a good passage and had so much fun! But then, what else would I expect!? You are making us crazy with wanting to be there especially with 25 degree weather here. So, you are having fun for lots of people - not just yourselves! Thanks!

judith said...

If you only had some mangoes....

Ray and Lucy said...

Sounds like a wonderful passage. I got jealous when I saw the whale pics. The are so majestic. I absolutely loved seeing them and the dolfins.

Ahh no-see-ums...I knew there was a reason we never anchored in San Blas!

Cruise on my tropical friends!!

capricorncat08 said...

jWjow, sounds like a great voyage ...not the no see ums. Maybe one of these days we will anchor in San Blas...
Loved the whale pictures, can't wait to be in PV and see them again.
keep having fun! Carol and Wayne

Jolea said...


1st Mate said...

Hey, y'all, the best stuff for those no-see-ums is Autan crema in a tube.

Your whale and dolphin shots are the best I've seen in a long time! I can never hold the camera still enough.

Check out the beach to the right before you enter the estuary, it's huge and there aren't so many no-see-ums. You can walk there from town, although from the marina it might be a bit much. By the way, they have a big tianguis there, I think it's on Saturdays. Norm can tell you.

Anonymous said...

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Sandy said...

LOVE your blog!! We were in Tenacatita when you were there but didn't get a chance to meet you. Hope we can do that further down track. We're in La Cruz now and heading for Mazatlan (via Isla Isabella), La Paz, Loreto & the Sea. If you see us in an anchorage give a shout on the radio & we'll invite you over for some wine.
Sandy, Chris & Patty on s/v Faith