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Friday, January 16, 2009

Mexico's "Galapagos" ~ Isla Isabella!

Ok, everyone do a "google search" on Isla Isabella.
Good, now continue reading.
How lucky the four felt to be able to visit such an incredible, untouched place!
We anchored in the South anchorage and had the place to ourselves.
On Tuesday morning, we woke up to flying, squawking, diving birds.
Thoughts of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" filtered through our brains...

We dinghied in to the beach where the fishermen's homes are and started exploring.
As the birds and iguanas on the island have never felt threatened by humans, we were able to get within a few feet of them and not disturb them.
It was amazing to say the least.

There are hundreds and hundreds of frigate birds nesting.

The female of this couple had her wing over her mate.

The iguanas showed no fear as well.

Although this little guy did show a tattoo of some kind...

We saw lots of little white fur-ball baby frigates too!

We hiked up a hill to a cliff, where we found a few boobie birds.Sort of like a little pre-historic ostrich?

We were able to see the small crater lake in the center of the island, so hiked back down the guano covered hill for closer look.It was very lush and green ~ reminded us of hiking in Costa Rica!

We were amazed at how close we were to the birds as we walked along the trail!

We did see a few frigates on the ground, struggling to get out of the brush.
Frigates cannot take off from flat land ~ they need height, such as a tree or cliff to take off from.
We felt bad for the few we saw, as we knew they would not survive.
We did see one white fuzzy baby on the ground, squawking to us as we walked by.
I knew we could not put it back in it's nest and so wanted to find a rock and put it out of it's misery, but I knew if I did, I would hear the helicoptors and sirens of the nature nazis coming to get me.
It's nature.
And there are plenty of frigate birds!

Ok, back to the beach for a view of the boat at anchor.

Susan and Alan enjoying the view with the nicest fishermen's "shacks" we have ever seen behind.

Went for a dinghy cruise out by the rocks on the East side, where two other boats and come in and anchored.
Then back to the boat for a swim and a bottom cleaning!
Alan and Jim each took a hull, while I did the waterline.
Susan tackled the dorado blood on the stern...

Watched the day's whale show off the stern to the South.
Spouts, tails, jumping and leaping!

A great dinner of bbq'd chicken.
Watched the stars come out and enjoyed a nice, calm evening at one of the most pristine places we have ever seen.

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