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Friday, January 9, 2009

Old Town at Night

Last night was our big night out on the town!
So back on the bus, through the Gold Zone, along the malecon, past all the hotels and back into Old Town.
Once again off at the Central Market and walked towards our favorite plaza.

There is a lot of restoration construction going on.
They are taking buildings that look like this:And turning them into beautifully restored homes, restaurants, shops, museums and more.
We were very impressed with the direction they are going in this area.

To Topolo for dinner!

I had shrimp in cilantro sauce!
And for $12 US!

We ate in the beautifully lit and decorated courtyard.Then we explored their wine bar and sat for all of 15 seconds...Then to explore the shops and area around the plaza.
Alan and Susan found this neat shop with loads of beautiful musical instruments, a pond with stepping stones and all kinds of interesting and different art.

Then another walk around the plaza, where Susan and I received a "free bracelet" just for "looking in a jewelry store" and didn't even have to sit through a time-share sales pitch!...
Where we enjoyed an after dinner drink.

Where I painstakingly somehow refrained from buying the cutest beagle puppy in the entire world!Back on the bus around 10 pm to the marina, to the boat, to bed!


Jennifer said...

A blue eyed beagel!! You passed that up? I wouldn't have, neither would Jeremy. he would have said that our beagel baby would have needed a friend. That dog is so darn cute!!

Suzie said...

I could give you a shrimp dinner for less money and the shrimp would be nice and fresh and I could do a nice veggie and dinner would be so nice but - I don't think I could come anywhere near the ambiance! Wish we could have been with you!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Yes, I want that little doglet...

K & S - Okee dokee, but would you do the shrimp dinner here, or perhaps we would have to travel to South Carolina???

And if we did travel to South Carolina, would we have to pay you this "less money"??

We spent an hour looking at old pics tonight with Don & Lenna - of you, "Pepina Rae", "Alana Marie", "PNY", "Makai", "Capricorn Cat", "Audrey Lane", "Doing It", "Adagio", etc., etc., etc., - fun and funny!!!

judith said...

Show us the bracelets...

Dinner looked gooooood!

Ray and Lucy said...

How about we all get together for that shrimp dinner!

Anonymous said...

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