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Thursday, January 1, 2009

We Saw Jesus on New Year's Eve!

Whoa... 2009.
That means we are old.

We cooked a delicious dinner of New York steaks, shrimp in garlic and potatoes.
Who needs a green vegetable on New Year's Eve...

Then off to meet Tanya and Tom at Salsipuedes for "one drink".
Which turned in to three, but we were still home by 11:00!

I noticed a face in the tree...
At the top of the second branch from the left.
Yep, it was Jesus all right!Unfortunately, with the flash he got shy...
And with no tripod, I had to use the flash.
So Salsipuedes will probably be the headline of all the tabloids:
"Jesus found in La Paz!"
"See Jesus from your barstool!"
"See Jesus for once not in a tortilla!"

And I forgot to turn the auto focus back on when trying to get a photo of Tom, Tanya, me and Jim...Oh well...

Loads of fireworks and firecrackers.
Enough to fill up this trashcan on the Malecon...

Back to the boat and lights out before midnight.
Not that we could sleep with all the fireworks and guns going off however!


judith said...

I guess you had to be there and have consumed las bebidas muchas in order to see Jesus in that tree. I'll come back later when I'm consuming wine.

We had gunfire on the street behind us. Then Jody went out and I thought "oh great... he's gonna get his by a falling bullet."

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

It all had to do with the lighting...
When we come back I will take my tripod over there and get a better shot without flash.
It really was a face and very eerie...
Glad Jody didn't get a bullet in the brain!

Anonymous said...

People will be lined up for days to get a glimps of Jesus in the tree. A few years back someone saw the Virgin Mary in a tree up here and the people would line up for hours to see her.
We had a lot of gunfire up here too. I really don't know where the idiots think those bullets are going to land!!
Happy New Year.
Linda C.

Anonymous said...

It was very quiet here........not even anyone going out on their balcony to yell "Happy New Year"!
I didn't see any of the celebrations except what was on the news.....amazing fireworks from skyscrapers in Hongkong and some other Asian cities (and to think what all that wasted money could have done for the poor folks there!)

Happy 2009 from Margo

capricorncat08 said...

No gun fire in Brisbane either. We had fun at our friends party...interesting being the token straight couple in a room full of Gay women..We stayed up until 2 a.m. haven't done that in a few years!
I think I see Jesus or Jerry Garcia in the tree...not sure which one.

Suzie said...

What were you drinking, girlfriend? I am getting worried about you!

Jolea said...

I once saw Jesus in a beer stain on a white couch cushion. My mexican roommate Mayra ran around the house all day screaming Aye! Dios Mio! or something like that. It was funny. Happy New Year!!!