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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Barking Dogs, Boom Boom Music and Fireworks That Go Kaboom

All things you will hear at night while anchored in the lagoon at Barra de Navidad.
But first!
Another cocktail party on another boat.
I guess we are cruising now.
After an extremely lazy day yesterday, one that we never got off of the boat, but I did cook two meals...
We were invited over to "Spirit Quest", owned by Doug and Kathy, who we had met the night before.
Along with about 18 other people!
But since they have a huge over 68' DeFever, we all fit quite comfortably.
Loads of wonderful snacks and a bunch of new friends.
Met and talked to Linda and Jack of "Chuckaranda" Linda and Chuck of "Jackaranda" who had just spent several weeks out at the remote Socorro Island.
We also all stood up on the top deck looking for the space station that was supposed to fly over at 7:15...
No joy.
We think "The Far Side" "The Dark Side" who told us about this was playing a Far Side joke on us.

I have decided to re-name all of the boats.
I am sure that will go over well with the owners.
Hope they all have a sense of humor.

Ok, back to last night.
After making new friends, eating incredible snacks and watching some video of diving with manta rays, we went back to our boat.
Where we then enjoyed the post title.
For. Hours. And. Hours.

Today off to The Sands for music and a pool party with Wally & Linda of "Angel's Humans" "Andanzas" and Rene & Michael of "Haka Lugi "Ahea Kali".
Tomorrow I will have to buy a new internet card...


Lucy Coltrane said...

Now that's the Barra I know and love! Loud music, yelling, screaming, barking dogs, fireworks at 4 a.m., and sometimes firearms. While anchored in Barra the fleet was actually fired upon by someone onshore. Needless to say, Pepina Rae scooted outa there at first light. Lucy

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Uh yeah, I remember that night... We, along with "Lena" and "Star Song" all left the next am. It feels very different here now - much safer and no druggies. So it's all good! Went to The Sands for some music, poked around then went for a dip in The Grand Bay's pool and almost drowned going down the slide. It's all good!