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Monday, February 2, 2009

Jungle Cruise Fun in Tenacatita!

Oh the jungle cruise in Tenacatita!
Always one of my favorite things to do!
In this jungle cruise, you take your own dinghy instead of going in a panga.
The "French Restaurant" building / McHale's Navy Movie set building is gone...
Amazing - it was such a cool building ~ all wood with a veranda around.The palm trees look the same though!

The birds are still stupid and fly in front of the dinghy instead of flying behind us...

The mangroves are really overgrown.We saw our first crocodile this trip!

There is now a small panga dock and full on palapa area in the lagoon at the outer anchorage!Yep, things change after nine years...

Watched some of the interesting people on the beach.

Tried to teach the parrots new things.

Talked to the local dogs.

Dripped water on sleeping Alan's head...

Then decided to roll the dinghy across to the outer anchorage instead of going back down the jungle cruise due to the low, low afternoon tide.A perfect beach surf launch, then a quick trip back to the inner anchorage.
Swim in the 83.8 degree water, books, naps, visiting, dinner and watched "A Beautiful Mind" on dvd.
What more could you ask for?


Ray and Lucy said...

You're so right...Tenacatita Heaven!!
Nothing like a trip down the lagoon and lunch at a palapa. Quite interesting that there is a bunch of palapas on the lagoon side. I'm really bummed that the McHales Navy set is gone. They built a very sturdy building for a temporary set. It made for a great restaurant, so I wonder why it all went away. Is there anything at all in that area? We used to stay in that anchorage for a couple of months at a time. I remember one season not getting off the boat (literally) for a solid month...I was making dinghy covers, etc. for the fleet! Their dinghy would live on our bow until it was finished. Everyone made great friends by shuttling the "dinghyless" folks around.

Margarita Mirasol said...

You call that heaven!!
p.s I watched the same dvd the other night and was balling my eyes out.

judith said...

I love your posts... looks like so much fun. You and Jim are truly wonderful hosts. What a wonderful vacation you are giving your friends.

Jennifer said...

So was this jungle cruise better than the one at Disneyland?? I bet it was. I really need to get my passport and come visit you!!

Suzie said...

Heather, so much has changed I would be afraid to go back - I get mad (and sad) enough reading your posts. Is it OK for you? Was it better last time? CAN you go back???

You know that Jimmy Buffet song - One Particular Harbor? That has always been Tenacatita for me! My favorite harbor in the world.

Keep them pictures and stories coming!

Starsongers said...

I can't wait to see Tenacatita again. I agree with Suzie - it's just about our favorite place. Hey Lucy - remember when you and Ray almost drown on the jungle ride. Everytime I see the river I think about that - the engine still running and chasing Ray in the Water. Have fun for us - it's freezing in GA.