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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Merocky Merolly Mel-ah-q Melarky Melaque!

The place where it all started!
Our friendship with Alan and Susan, that is!
Eleven years and two days ago…

In and anchored near “Lovely Reta” and “Eye of The World”!
Finally caught up with them…

Off to check out the town and see how much it had changed.
It’s still lovely…

Still has a pineapple truck…

Still has some great tiendas with wonderful produce!

Back to the boat so we could visit with John, Debby, Rick and Karen.

And have a noodle party under “Meerkat”!We all cleaned up and went to the beach for dinner.Where we had excellent food for a really good price!
I had the best taco salad I have had since the US for $35 pesos ~ less than $3 US!

And I met a really goofy dog…
I refrained from stealing it’s hair ribbons.

The we had to wait a really long time for our checks…

Debby was banging her head against the umbrella pole in frustration.

And our first night surf launch!
We did good, but “Lovely” and “Eyes” reminded us of why we don’t do night launches too often.
Good for a laugh and no injuries, only laughs, so it was all good!


Suzie said...

Oh, yes, Kirby and I are recalling Valentine's Day '98 and the triple dunk. Oh, my, the surf was really different that year wasn't it! First I sat down and got my butt soaked, then Lucy came in and did the same exact thing. Later (after dark) Kirby and I lost everything including the laundry when the dinghy flipped. All the locals helped us recover everything and then one swam us out past the breakers! What a memory!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

We talked about that night the other day! I remember your laundry all floating around the dinghy in big plastic bags. And Lucy falling out of the dinghy. It was too funny!!
There is NO surf so far anyway... hope I didn't speak too soon!