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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chamela to Tenacatita

Woke to a beautiful Chamela sunrise!Nice warm water in Chamela, so we all went in after coffee and listening to weather.
Motored in and out of Careyas...

Amazing homes!

Way more than the last time we were here.
Huge, money places...

Infinity pools, palapas and guest houses.

The bay is now full of panga moorings, so motored on out and then started the dodge the nets game.
We heard a vhf call from a boat up ahead of us warning us, as they had just had to cut a long-line off of their rudder.
Yep, we had to do the same a few minutes later.
So posted two people up forward and everyone had to be eyes.Motored in to the outer bay and then into the inner bay.
84.5 degree water!
YAHOO ~ the warmest water we have ever seen in Tenacatita.
So we all jumped in as SOON as the anchor was set and the engines were off.

I had made sourdough on the way down, so I turned it in to pizza dough and invited Bill and MaryJane of "Grey Max" (formerly of Ventura) over!
Wonderful to catch up!

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Suzie said...

I always loved the colorful homes in Careyes. So quaint - if large mansions can be called "quaint". Makes you want to be an artist. Thanks for the pictures - again!