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Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Fun in "That One Particular Harbor"

We enjoyed the inner anchorage at Tenacatita.Made sourdough bread.
Made banana bread.
Jumped in the water.

Floated with a glass of wine.

Dinghied to the beach and watched the pangas go in at low tide.

Made shrimp in garlic and cream cheese sauce.

Then motored around to the outer anchorage for a night.
Along with several other boats…

Time for rollos de mar!
A wonderful shrimp stuffed fish roll wrapped in bacon topped with an almond sauce.
And you can only get them in this area!

We were happy to finally meet up with Karl and Andrea of “4-PACK”!
They shared an end-tie with us for four months back in 2006 in Ventura.Way fun to catch up with them!
And meet the people from a few other boats as well.

Alan and Susan swam back to the boat.
We visited then did another perfect surf launch not that there was any surf, but it sounds good then went swimming off the boat in the 84.5 to 85.2 degree water!

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Suzie said...

I am so glad you are having a non el nino year and the surf is nice. And all the boats in the outer anchorage! Wow! It all looks so wonderful!