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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Barra de Navidad ~ Parties in the Lagoon

Lots happening this weekend!
First, the birthday party for nobody!
Ok, let me explain that one.
Way back in 2002, John & Debby of “Lovely Reta” and Alan & Susan of “Toshal” were anchored near us at Morse Point on Santa Cruz Island (off the coast of Ventura).
We had Ron and Margi aboard “Thistle” with us.
A perfect reason for a party.
What can we celebrate?
So Debby’s idea was to have a birthday party!
Complete with conehead party hats, decorations and cake!
Sounds good, but whose birthday is it?
So the 8 of us had a great time eating cake and singing to ourselves for no reason whatsoever.
About time for the 2nd annual every seven years Birthday Party for Nobody!
This time, Michael & Rene of “Haka Lugi“ “Ahea Kali” and Rick & Karen of “Eyes of The Squirrels“ “Eyes of The World“ joined in the fun.
The meerkats represented Ron & Margi…Alice the duck joined us from “Lovely Reta” as well…

And seemed to get along just fine with Ron & Margi.
Quite the party ~ appetizers, burgers, salad, baked beans and birthday cake complete with candles.

The next morning we had a drive by hola from Chris of “Hiolani” on his way out for a daysail.

We finally got to introduce our catamarans to each other!

Time to go visit Lorry at the house, trade books, buy a loaf of bread and allow Alan & Susan to have their nostalgic lunch.
So dinghy up the canal to Chris & Lorry’s house.Walked to Beer Bob’s Book Exchange where we timed it wrong.
We had to throw our books through the bars in the door, and grab a few books off the shelf nearest the barred door.
Good thing I have skinny wrists…

Met some cute kids and checked out the church with the Jesus with the hanging arms (a whole other story ~ will keep you in suspense for another post!)…

Back to the oyster infested wall at The Sands to dinghy back to the boat.Back to the boat in time for the afternoon blow of 20 to 25 knots and a great kite board show by Tim of “Kamaya”.Stooper, no Stupid, no it was Super Bowl Sunday!
Yeah, that’s what it was!
We caught the water taxi in to the town of Barra to be Americans for a day.

John Dye was our token panga dog.

Met up with the gang at Los Arcos where we watched a really great game and guess what?
I can’t stand football!

Time to head back to Melaque, so we can put Alan & Susan on their Tuesday morning bus to Puerto Vallarta…
Said “so long” to the lagoon for now…Back to Melaque for our last supper with “The Shals”…And YES, that is a virgin margarita for Susan!

Took them in to the bus on Tuesday morning…
Sad faces and teary eyes.
So long Alan & Susan ~ see ya in the summer!
And Alan, “make it happen” on the boat, so we can cruise SoCal this summer!


judith said...

What a wonderful vacation for them. I'm glad you shared it with us. So where to now?

Anonymous said...

When you were in Tenacatita did Alan get to Jose's for some Mescal?

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Ha ha on the mezcal - Alan asked but Jose is no longer with the living. Probably that mezcal did him in...

Meghan said...

Well that sounds like a very happy unbirthday party!! I am so jealous! It looks like so much fun, floating around and such. I need to get away to LaPaz immediatley!!