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Thursday, July 16, 2009

And This Time We Really Mean "NO"!

Yep, Mission Beach was just a tad overwhelming.
And then the signs started up again.

This one concerned me.
No cruising?
Well, they just said it was prohibited.
But that is what we are doing...
Uh oh.
Here come the sirens...

Good thing we parked our dinghy further up the beach, as we didn't have a dinghy parking permit!

This one confused the hell out of me.
Too much "NO".And dogs?What if you were a dog and couldn't wait to pee until 6:15 on April 2nd...

And this one?
Just when I was about to take my burning pallet to the beach...I mean really, who thinks this shit up?


Margarita Mirasol said...

I noticed all the 'No's' around town today, too. I thought to myself, 'fack orf with your 'no's' and butt out of my life'.
I can't wait for a change of scenery. The camping is great, the views beautiful, but the lifestyle in the US isn't my cup of tea.

judith said...

Now you both know why so many of us live vicariously through you!

Singing Land Cruiser said...

Sign, Sign. Everywhere a Sign. Do this, Don't do that. Blaaaaaaaah to all of them! M&C