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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shoe-Horn Marina

And we are not kidding.
I even asked a guy if he had a shoe-horn as we squeezed past his boat...
Well thanks to new friends, Jesse and Shanna (friends of Doug and Carla on "Moondance") we were able to find a slip if you could call it that in San Diego, so we could stay here a little longer.
We still need to work on the refer system.
We? Did I say we?
We still need to change the oil in the engines.
There is that "we" again...
We still need to visit a few people.
And we still need to figure out where to next.
Slips are hard to find here and when you find them they are kind of expensive.
So, we were lucky enough to get in to the small Koehler Kraft (look them up - beautiful wooden boat builder) Boatyard Marina.
And lucky enough to have Jesse offer to go with us to help park.
And lucky enough to have John Howard here visiting to go with us to park!
First we had to back down one fairway, turn 90 degrees to port, back down another very narrow fairway with boats sidetied to each side, then turn 90 degrees to starboard and back down a small channel with 1-2' on each side, then squeeze between Jesse's anchor and another boat and not hit anything including the boat behind us.
Ummm... pictures would show this better.

Jim did an awesome job!

Impressed the boatyard workers.
Impressed me.
Probably impressed John Howard and Jesse.
We are thinking we will head out when Jesse and Shanna are at Catalina Island this weekend...
One less boat to hit.
Less squeezing.
Less scary.
Less chances of me needing to take a valium.


jesblu00 said...

WOw, that is all you can say with awesome driving like that. David was awestruck but the talent of Jim's boat maneuvering.

Jim deserves a metal!

Suzie said...

Wow, so kool! I used to live just down the road at Seaforth Marina - way BK. (Before Kirby) Good walking and the diner down there is the very best for breakfast. Can't remember the name - we always called it the Greasy Spoon. It is at Seaforth Sportfishing. You HAVE to try it. Their bacon is the best - and the beans - yum. Kirby and I used to drive all the way from Scripps Ranch for breakfast there on the weekends. There is a fish market at the light that used to sell great smoked fish. Might still sell it. Check it out.

OK - I am living vicariously - again!

Markitos said...

WOW !!! Thats a tight spot!! Great job! I'll bet it took a few for Jim to relax after that one. Im heading to Catalina tommorow, Buddy boating with SHADOW hope to see you guys there.

judith said...

That Jimbo.... multi talented. He surly does deserve a medal. And Heather you are in the WE part of it... you are the chef and they can't run on rum and beer alone.

Anonymous said...

So, are you going out day sailing every day? How far is the walk to the store? I'm glad we have bikes ...the distance from our boat to the laundry and back is 3/4 mile! good excuse to get that washer/dryer combo! Slosest store is 3 miles away...good we have a car!
hugs for now, Carol

Doug and Carla Scott said...

You guys done good!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Yes, daysail every day. In out, in out, oops there goes my supply of valium...

"Seattle" Heather said...

Awesome park job! :)

Meghan said...

those diagrams make me feel very nervous. aiy yai yai

Lucy Coltrane said...

Did ANYONE have the slightest doubt that Jim could get that big, wide boat in that itsy, bitsy spot? Shame on all of you! lol You done good Jimbo. I'm just glad I wasn't on the boat...I wouldn't have any fingernails left!
about a minute ago