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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blog Pal Gifts!

I have beautiful new socks!
Beautiful new hand knit socks!
Beautiful new hand knit socks by Jomamma from Texas!

I have dvd!
Not so sure if it's beautiful, but I am guessing exciting!
Exciting dvd of the Sydney to Hobart Race and New Year's Fireworks sent to me from Alaskan Dave Down Under!

The socks are on, but the dvd is waiting for another evening.
Maybe tomorrow.
We have to start it earlier than 9 pm...
Old people will understand this.

Thank you both!!


Jennifer said...

I want some socks like that!! Those are the coolest! How did you get so many blogging friends anyway?

judith said...

I'm so glad you like them. Looks like they fit perfectly, just wash and hang dry them, don't throw them in the dryer for about a year. That way they'll keep fitting you. Several times since I made them and sent them off I've thought about the color of that yarn.... I'll have to make me some. Don't they just scream Mexico? Do they match all your Crocs?

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Jen ~ Got lucky with the few that I have! Dave sent me that disc months ago... Remember I am picking up a year's worth of mail right now!

Jomamma ~ The upkeep is perfect - I only use my dryer for towels and things like that. I hang most of my clothes to dry (less wrinkles).
The colors are awesome! Yes, they are so Mexico! They matched my blue Crocs last night (but just for a short time) and will try another color of shoes tonight! Thank you AGAIN!!

Doug and Carla Scott said...

Love those socks! We might not need them in Mexico, but definitely in the Pacific Northwest. We are freezing!

Terry Sailingknitter said...

Wow! Jomamma has done some mighty fine work with the socks! There's a lot of hours tied up in those puppies.
Terry - still in Cartagena Columbia

1st Mate said...

You mean it's actually cool enough there to wear socks? Or are you wearing them anyway because THEY'RE so cool? I had no idea Jomamma was such a fantastic knitter. Bet they look really good with Crocs.

judith said...

Thanks Terry that coming from the Queen of Sock has just made my day. Thanks Bliss, I agree with you, I wouldn't think there would be a need to wear them for a couple of months.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

It's cold to me! Remember I was living in Mexico for the last year and a half!
Socks have been worn!
Socks got washed this morning!
...and are hanging in the cockpit drying.
They are totally cool and look great with all my assorted Crocs!
Which means I can wear them again tonight unless this promised heat wave heats up the beach too.
Oh please, oh please, oh please!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Those are some COOL socks! I want a pair!

The race footage is the start. It starts every year on Boxing day. The maxis and super-maxis get a start line a few hundred metres in front of the rest of the fleet, but their rounding mark to head South to Tas is farther out to make up for it. It's pretty cool seeing hundreds of millions of dollars of super maxi's jockeying for start positions and dodging the spectator fleet on the way out of the harbour. There's always a camerabloke for the network on an s-maxi and once the round the mark heading South, he just jumps overboard into the South Pacific and is picked up by one of camera boats --cool job!

And this year's fireworks were awesome!


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

The dvd was GREAT! Whoa, what a start! I know this was taped back in December, but my heart was racing. Racing. Get it?
I just cannot imagine that many boats starting a race so close together and that many spectator boats so close - it was crazy! Then they got down the coast and it ended... Jim & I were pretty much prepared to watch for the next day and a half as they sailed to Hobart. Do they ever show the finish? I guess that would be boring, cause the boats would be all spread out. Fireworks were insane! So we are going to loan the dvd to our Aussie friend, Kim as he is a racer, sailor, rigger and will love it. Then we were thinking about how we could make this an annual tradition... what could we send you each year, so you record this and send us a dvd... hmmmm... See's Candy? What?

Suzie said...

OK, I had been waiting to see those wonderful socks and now I want a pair too! Jomamma, you are a real hit with the Heather Groupies!

Heather, I understand about the being cold. We did the same thing when we came back from Mexico a few years ago. Your blood just gets thinner.

I never hang out laundry! I took a picture of Tanya hanging out her's because I never see it on a line! In a "planned community" you can't do something so unsightful!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Lemme see if I can find the '07 disk...