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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Off The Beaten Path Boat...

So back to Newport Beach.
Nice, calm, easy trip with no whales to dodge.
Just a few boats.
Sally, the lady in the Newport Harbor Patrol office is so incredibly nice!
She let us call in to get our mooring assignment instead of doing the "dodge the 4 year olds in sabots to park at their dock" thing.
Ok, now the fun part...
Trying to tie lines to the mooring cans with only two of us on the boat.
Hmmmm.... how are we going to do this?
Ok, Jim can get in the dinghy and I will drive the big boat.
Here comes a little wind.
Oh good it went away.
Amazingly enough I did it and didn't hit either can and now that we know how to do it, did an even better job than the last time!
So I was kind of proud of us and me, I was proud of me, so we each had a Tecate to celebrate.
Then brushed our teeth before we dinghied over to check in and pay Sally.

Now "Meerkat" sits on the mooring and we are in a hotel room in Carlsbad for the weekend!
That means a king sized bed, toilet I can put toilet paper down, I don't have to worry about filling the holding tank, TV, a bathtub and unlimited fresh water!!!
Amazing what house people take for granted and we get all excited about...

Yesterday was lunch with my cousins, Carolyn and Bergie.
Lsst night was the pre-wedding party for Delaina and Stavros at Julianne's.
Sssooooo much fun and awesome to see my cousins.
Til I walked thru the screen door...
Bent the crap out of it.
Then my cousin Nancy did it again later and totalled it.
Who the hell keeps closing the screen door?

This afternoon is the wedding!!
Yipee, yahoo and all those fun and exciting words.


1st Mate said...

A bathtub! I'm jealous.

Hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding...that's what weddings are for.

"Seattle" Heather said...

I have a bathtub on our boat...but it gets used as extra storage! LOL
Solar showers rock!
Sorry I couldn't make it to the wedding! ha ha ha.