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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Week of Waiting Something

Yep, we have been in Channel Islands Harbor for a week now!
Thought we would come in for our two free nights.
Arrange a permanent slip.
Wash the boat.
Do laundry.
Fill the water tanks.
Say hi to a few people.
Say bye to the same few people.
Head back out to the islands.

Didn't quite happen that way.

Happened more like this way:
Call for slip.
Told no liveaboards.
Call for other slip.
Told they will check and call us back.
We wait.
We wait.
And wait some more.
Call on another slip.
Told they have one and fall over when they tell us price.
Get phone call with other slip options.
Couldn't fall over when we were told these even higher prices, because we haven't gotten up from the first fall over yet.
Call for still another slip.
Would need shoehorn to get us into what they have.
Used shoehorn karma up already getting into Koehler Kraft.
Leave message at other place.
Leave message at yacht club.
No one calls back.
More phone calls.
Washed boat.
More waiting.
Did laundry.
Pay for a few more nights.
Get job offer before my 3 month stint at ex job.
Job offer?
That's a good one in this economy!
Wait for the owners to discuss me.
They discuss.
They call me.
They say ok I can work before, during and after my 3 months stint at ex-job.
I pay for a month slip.
Here we are.
Get paperwork from both adjoining cities and harbors for Jim to re-start his business.
Start insurance paperwork for Jim.
Which entailed me going in to my old office and typing the app and emailing.
Scared soon to be co-workers into thinking girl who took over my desk already out on maternity leave.
Nope, she just went to the bathroom.
Figure out a slip.
Slip needs to be altered.
Call friend who builds docks.
Has to wait for head dude to return from Africa to bid and ok slip alteration.
Run into friends all over the place.
Job started today.

Not quite what we had in mind, I think...


Becky said...

Wow! And I thought I had a rough week.

"Seattle" Heather said...

Holly crap Heather! All of THAT happened in just 7 days? ARE YOU JOKING? I'm with Becky, I thought I had a crazy week...but I think you win...yup you win.
Congrats on getting your job back! That's awesome!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

And now I have two jobs... like you Heather! So we both win!
You too Becky - you win because of the family you married into. They are always busy.

Suzie said...

How sad - working. Bad thing. I am enjoying not working very much!

judith said...

Congrats on all the job stuff... I guess. T-tales.... just sit over there and wallow will ya! We're working here. tee hee.

Elizabeth said...

Can you go rub some of that job offer thing onto Jennifer? she's almost run out of unemployment and will be in big trouble here soon if she doesn't find a job. Heck, rub some off on me, too, so maybe McDonalds or someone will hire me cause I guess Walmart and Target don't want me since I'm not on welfare. yet. ha ha.

Jennifer said...

Yeah send some job offers my way! Perferably ones that I am not over qualified or under qualified to do. I have 3 more checks from unemployment and then they are cutting me off. I read this morning that Ventura's unemployment rate is now over 10%.

Markitos said...

Cool trip !!! Now back to the real deal. Fill that bucket with duckets and off again huh?
Ther are going to alter the dock for you?? Wow you have some pull good on you.