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Friday, August 14, 2009

Santa Blah Blah Barbara Island

Oh for some peace and quiet...
So next it was off to the remote Santa Barbara Island out in the middle of nowhere.A first for me!I had been close to it, but never close enough to really see it, smell it or hear it.

Well you can't hear the island, but it does have a huge population of permanent residents...

Only one other boat at anchor!
Not quite...
A complete and utter cacophony of barking of sea lions.
Oh, so much better than YMCA.
Any day.

And really weird sea lions...
They were mountain lions climbing sea lions.

It was pretty amazing to watch them haul their tons of blubber up these hills.

Again, who needs TV when you have nature?

And halibut!
Jim caught two keepers.

Yea! It looks like we can afford to eat after all!

Back to boat to filet and wash the blood off of everything, including us.
Excellent fresh fish dinner.
Calm night.
Two other sailboats came in ~ one another catamaran.


1 comment:

capricorncat said...

Wow, Jim finally caught his Halibut!!! yeah!!!!!
The water up here in the Bay is ugly and green. what's up with that? I wouldn't even eat a fish caught in this bay. Sailing is good though...about 8 boats go out in the Brisbane ber Can races....We hope to get out on the water in a few weeks...still waiting for the cables. By the way, several boats are anchored out in front of the Brisbane Marina...free.