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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Photos Published in Latitude 38 Magazine

Oh yea!
Some of my whale pics made it into the extremely well read and sarcastic Latitude 38 Magazine.For better shots (ones that were scanned from newsprint...) see my post from January 2009.

They also printed a letter and photo of the boat.
When the publisher asked me for info on our internet device, I thought he just wanted info.
Info as in info to include within an article in the works.
I didn't realize he was going to print the info I emailed him in a letter format.
I would have written it better...


Suzie said...

My girlfriend is famous! Yeah! And don't forget that I loved you before you became famous!

judith said...

This is my friend Heather... she's been published. Now when we Google your name it will reference this. You go girl!

Ray and Lucy said...

Good going Heather!! Now you can get started on that cruising book!!