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Monday, February 9, 2009

Water Guns and Water Slides

Oh boy ~ more internet time here in the lagoon!

We figured the back corner of the lagoon must be the litter box multi-hull section, as there were three cats parked pretty much side-by-side the other day.

Us, "Carinthia" and "Wirewalker".
With some monohulls in the foreground.

Nice, calm anchorage huh?

Now it is back to just us anchored here, but we do have a tri parked in front of us.

Talked Wally and Linda of "Andanzas" into dinghying into town to listed to some music at The Sands on Sunday.

Amazing what low tide will show you.
Things like fish pens that you had no idea were even there and had probably dinghied over at some point...

Linda and I learned what loofahs look like in their natural state.And found a parking lot full of children's rides.
Linda, easily dared took one for a spin.

Her ride was abruptly ended when a guy inside the building shot her with a water gun.
I guess adults aren't allowed to have fun on these?
Or maybe he was an adult and shooting her with water was his idea of having fun?
Or maybe he shoots all the kids too?
Ohhhh, that would be fun!
I could get into that ~ a new thing to do.

Ok, what else?
Walked through the narrow streets and admired this huge tree.

The best part of the day?
Going for a dip in the awesome pool at The Grand Bay!

Jim and Wally cooling off.

The worst part of the day?
Going down the water slide with Linda the first time and not plugging our noses...
My insides of my nose got pushed up to the top of my brain cavity.
Quite painful actually.
So stupid us we decided to try it a second time and were smart enough to plug our noses ~ success!
Fun, we didn't drown and the insides of my nose were soon back to where it was designed to be.

We enjoyed a full moon coming up over the lagoon.
We enjoyed watching small gulls eat the stale chips we tossed over the side.

We bought fresh food at Maria's Tienda in the small lagoon town of Colimilla.
I love all the piers, pilings and buildings along the side of the lagoon!

And last night ~ a lovely sunset!


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Your "litter box" joke at the top of the post brought a smile to my face this morning :) Thanks!

judith said...

I wish I were living on a boat in a litter box....

My mom used to grow loofa sponges in her garden and sell them at her garage sales. I haven't seen one unpeeled in a looooong time. Sometimes we'd find black seeds floating in the tub with us.

Suzie said...

Hi, Guys!

I can't decide which picture is my favorite - I love them all. But mostly I am so happy to see that the big tree is still there! There is something about the anchorage picture that is so much better than my memories of the Bahamas even though the Bahamas has that gorgeous water. Must be the "calm". Wind howled in the Bahamas all the time. I miss Mexico and Kirby keeps telling people that we are going there as soon as I retire! Sounds good to me!