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If you found this blog via a link from a cruising site ~ we did cruise Mexico on our Ocean 49 cat for a season. See the first text box on the right for links to our preparations, trip down Baja, life in Mexico, cruising and trip back up to SoCal. Unfortunately we are back to the grind in the USA...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Celebrity Tours by Chris & Lorry

After breakfast and the Easter mystery bag, it was time for our "Celebrity Tour by Chris & Lorry"! All for the low, low cost of a Mexican breakfast! Squished the 6 of us into the robin's egg blue (no, they did not pick this color) Celebrity for a tour of Isla Navidad. Chris was our driver, Ariel sat in the front middle (not sure why) and Lorry was the shotgun tour director. Jim, Alan & I chose the backseat (better than the trunk or roof). We saw the different parts of the golf course, the dinghy dock & beach (where we brought our dinghy when we cruised in 97-00), had a good view of the restaurant and tower, had great views of the lagoon and the outer beach with it's giant surf! We were all amazed at the money put into this place - the buildings, the security, the landscaping, the marina & the incredible amounts of stonework on paths and the roads.

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