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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mystery Bag Explanation!

Ok, so Ariel takes my husband away for something like three months - right?
Am I going to send Jim empty-handed?
Nooooo... so I created the "Mystery Bags"!!
(that's actually Michele's name for them)!
They are lunch bags with either special dates on them, such as holidays or "open when" dates on them, such as "Haven't Caught a Fish in Days?". Each bag has instructions inside and they HAVE to follow the instructions exactly! The the gift inside is wrapped, so they have to read the instructions first. So far they have had "St. Patrick's Day", with a shotglass and cards, "Stan's Birthday" with cards, his birthday prince hat, horns and a lei, "Easter" which is shown in the posts, "Nothing Funny About Today?" with the coconut top, and a few others. Jim, being my husband, also got his own bag full of cards to open!

1 comment:

Marci said...

what a great idea!! sounds like lots of fun :)