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Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Last Day - Sat 04-14-07 - to Las Hadas

Said "adios" to "Cyclades" and "Niki Wiki"...
Pulled anchor and headed towards Punta Santiago.
Was able to pick out the house owned by Mark and Kathy of "Lisa Marie" (if they still own it - we haven't talked to them since 2000).
Cruised around the point so Ariel and Alan could see all the incredible houses!

Motored around behind the breakwall at Las Hadas (famous for the filming of the lame movie "10" way back a bazillion years ago) and found a spot to anchor.The view of Las Hadas is actually very nice during the day and beautiful when lit up at night. Unfortunately, the boats anchored end up being the turning pin for the jet skis...

I made tuna sandwiches and got my stuff together as I was flying back home that afternoon. Since we were all sad I was leaving, I felt it was time for a MYSTERY BAG! And I just happened to have the perfect bag! So I asked the guys to make sad faces: Jim opened the bag and pulled out the instructions, which said, "Take off your shirts" (it was amazing how well these guys follow my instructions...) The rest of the instructions said "Try this on and take photos!", so Jim opened the inside "mystery gift" and oh boy, what do we have here???

It was kind of scary watching this - I think they liked it more than they should... the coconuts are now tied to the net hanging in the aft part of the cockpit, should they get some weird desire to wear them again... yikes, I hope not!!

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