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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Friday the 13th - Hotel & Beach Day!

Everyone up late as usual (except me who did get up to see the sunrise, which isn't saying much as the sun rises at 7:45 here...).

Watched some pangas come in being followed by 100's of birds - they must have had a good catch!

Danny and Deborah came for a visit (no one can resist these bunny glasses...) and to decide what to do on my last full day!

One of the things on my list was to go explore the hotel on the hill again and use their pool. Alan decided to stay on the boat, so Danny, Deborah, Jim, Ariel and I went in. Another exciting lagoon entrance with the current fighting us the whole way!

We walked across the bridge and up to the top pool (the one with the swim up bar of course!) and went for a swim up to the bar! Ariel had given Deborah a "Guavi" hat. She was thrilled about it and was threatening to embroider "Deborah" in bright pink across the back, so Danny wouldn't swipe it from her.

We had a beer (or two) and a little rum and Ariel yakked with the bartender. It felt good to be in some fresh water, even with a little chlorine!

There are two lower pools, one being a "lazy river" that encircles the other one. The views from the hotel of the beach and lagoon are beautiful!

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