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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Thurs 04-12-07 - Trip to Manzanillo

Another beautiful sunrise over Punta Santiago and the mountains inland of Manzanillo. Coffee and toast in the cockpit. Danny had gone over to the lagoon entrance to check out the waves and see if we would be able to get to shore - looked good so let's go to town!

This is the lagoon entrance... looks easy, but when the tide is going out at a 3 knot current and you have breaking waves behind you and a small outboard it's a little crazy! I opted to go in Danny's dinghy (he's a surfer, so understands waves and he has a 9.9 hp outboard!). We piled the eight of us into the three dinghies and all made it in safely. It's entertainment for the locals as well...

The entrada weaves around under this bridge and opens up into a beach area and the lagoon. As it was still part of "Semana Santa" there were 100's of colorful beach umbrellas set up for the locals that come spend the day at the beach.

Then the mile or so walk to the main road to catch the bus into Manzanillo. There are about 20 palapa restaurants along the beach. We picked this one out for Ariel... Do you get it? Capitan of the boat? Amount of body hair the man has?

The bus ride was 6 pesos each and takes at least a half hour to 45 minutes. It takes you along the shore in Bahia Santiago, thru the town of Santiago, then alongside the golf course area near Las Hadas, around the Port of Manzanillo (where we would fuel up on "Thistle") and finally into Manzanillo.

One of our favorite places to go is The Hotel Colonial. The architecture is beautiful and it has a wonderful courtyard where lunch is served. Since there were eight of us we ended up going to another place for lunch though...

Then the hunt for this little liquor store we had found a few years back. Jim had found a bottle of bourbon that was ancient for a great price! No such luck this time, but we had fun posing, shopping and checking out the streets with potted plants and shrines. Manzanillo is not touristy at all, so it is one of our favorites!

Jim & Ariel decided to get coconuts to drink - the rest of us knew bathrooms are hard to come by while in Mexico... so just took little sips. On to the Central Market!

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