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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Evening in Barra

The boys woke up from their "geezer naps" and it was getting to be dinner time. So we walked through the hotel grounds to the panga dock and caught a panga to cross the lagoon.

It was so cool to walk the streets of Barra again! The town was still crowded from the Semana Santa holiday - sort of a festive feeling in the air.

Went to "Mexico Lindo" on a recommendation by Chris and got "his table"! We told the lady inside we were friends of his and it seemed to work (she didn't poison us anyway...)

Had tacos, margaritas and enjoyed watching the people walk by. Kind of a scary clown walked by too - gave me the creeps when he turned and I saw his face. Too bad I didn't get a picture of him from the front, but then whoever is reading this would now have the creeps.

Then for a little provisioning! The poor guys had to carry a lot of water for me... but since we were heading out to be at anchor for the next week, had to load up!

Then a panga ride back to the boat (where we got lucky as we left one bag of provisions including $60 worth of fishing lures in the panga, but the driver came back 15 minutes after he dropped us off with our bag!).

Jim & I went for a walk around the marina and enjoyed the beautiful lighting of the hotel and some of the "megas" (mega yachts - we are one of the "minnies").

Oh and did I mention we were docked on G DOCK ? ? ? Ariel may have left us, but he can't get away from G Dock ! ! !

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