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Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Morning Shopping Spree in Arenal

We got up early as our "plans" were to hike around the lava flows in Arenal National Park. After looking at the map and seeing the length of the hike, we figured we didn't have enough time to do the hike and the drive back to the Liberia / Playa Hermosa area. So we decided to "shop til we dropped"! But first our included breakfast at Hotel Arenal Manoa. I made the mistake of not taking my camera with me (a first!). The food was great and once again, the presentation was incredible! Oh well, guess we have to go back someday...
Our maid had made us towel sculptures the day before, a snail for us and an elephant for Alan, so Jim left our spare Costa Rican change as a tip (along with the lantern). I liked his creativity!

We stopped at the front desk to check out and let them know how much we enjoyed our stay, what a wonderful place they have, and that they have awesome chefs and a great staff! Then back along the lake to our first shopping stop "Toad Hall". The shop had a great selection of items made by local artists along with a nice view of the lake out the back. We were told they have excellent food in their restaurant too (next time). Alan, Jim & I all picked out some gifts (and a few things for ourselves). Then on down the road.

Many of the hotels and homes along the road have beautiful landscaping between the buildings and the road. I had to stop to see these flowers. Three dogs didn't like that I was there, so we quickly kept going!
Next shopping stop "Lucky Bug"!

Another great shop with individual artists' creations.
I loved these sinks!

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