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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Monday - "Thermo Mania"

Next we drove up a paved road from Bagaces towards Miravalles Volcano. There are fumaroles and hot springs on the volcano slope. We were told of a place called "Thermo Mania", which sounded touristy and goofy. We made fun of the place on the drive up and actually considered bypassing it. We stopped in the restaurant for drinks and snacks (and were still making fun of it at this point).
Then we went for a walk around the grounds! It was beautiful and we quit making fun of it.
The landscaping was incredible with streams of water leading to the hot spring pools.

There were several pools with varying degrees of heat (unfortunately we didn't get there early enough to pay the pool entrance fee and soak).

Next time we will get there earlier! There was a small museum and a fishing pond. If you look closely, you can see steam coming up from behind the pond.

Jim and I had a "dog for a day", who showed us around the grounds.

Back into the box for the drive back to Cocos!

The area around the volcano is beautiful.

We saw this snake crossing the road - it was at least 10 or 12 feet long!

Back to Cocos for
hamburgers at the
restaurant the guys
had been wanting to
try all week!

Long day, so to the hotel for us and the boat for Alan and Ariel!

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