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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sun 05-06-07 - The Congo Trail Canopy Tour!

The hotel puts out several different types of Costa Rican coffee for their guests, so enjoyed a few cups while getting ready for our canopy tour. All the guidebooks I read said, "No trip to Costa Rica is complete without a canopy tour"! Ariel and Alan came in and met us. In the Toyota Box down a gravel road about 10 kilometers to The Congo Trail Canopy Tour. Ariel asked a lot of questions first (not sure what they were due to how fast they were asked and answered...), but Ariel seemed to feel this was a safe one. Changed into "real shoes" and up the hill to the first platform.
We had three tour guides with us, one to take photos, one to hook us up on the high side and send us off and the other to catch us on the low side. They harnessed us all up with professional rock climbing gear and an extra safety line. They explained everything in perfect English. One hand is used to keep the main strap and safety strap together and the other hand is used as a brake as you are sliding into the lower platform. We let Ariel go first since he had done this before. I was a little nervous at first, but WHAT A BLAST!

They are very safety conscience - when you reach the next platform, they hook your safety line onto a cable around the tree and when you cross on of the suspension bridges, you are again hooked on to a safety cable.

Alan concentrating!

The guide asked who wanted to go upside down (no thanks...), Alan jumped at the chance! But it was good entertainment for the rest of us!

Sometimes the guides would pull down on the cable which meant you would fly up and down about 10 feet in addition to flying along the cable!

They had a few rest stops with cold water and benches - really a class operation!

There were a few places we walked along beautiful trails to get up to the next platform.

Then they said I was going to be superwoman... He put the main line at my back and went down the zip line with me - a little painful on the stomach, but pretty cool!

I told Jim my new goal is to do every canopy tour in Costa Rica!

They also had exhibits of monkeys, orchids, butterflys, snakes and frogs. We had a couple of beers to cool off and checked out their animals and had a great time in their giftshop!

They had two parrots hanging around.
This one was really cool!
He (or she) would say, "Hola" and "I'm a parrot"!

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