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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tuesday - Pool Day

Kind of a lazy day in Playa del Coco. Jim and Alan decided they were ready to depart from "Guavi" and head back to their wives in California (well, I was there with Jim, but this was the longest Alan and Susan had ever been apart!)...
So while Jim went to the boat to pack his gear, I read and swam in the pool.

Jim came back with what was left of the "mystery bags", so I gave them three to open.

The first one included squirt guns.
which made a big hit with Adrian the bartender

and David the waiter

One bag had stir sticks for the drinks (bartender liked this too, as we left them for him)!

Then the "Open when you are stuck in an anchorage too long and need something to do" bag:

Good we had the pool for the shark ring toss game! We gave this to Adrian for his 14 month old daughter, Hilary. Alan headed back to the boat because it was getting late. We were cleaning up for dinner when the rain started. I loved it! So we walked into town in the rain for tacos!

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