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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Friday - The rest of the drive back to the beach!

Enjoyed the rest of the drive along the lake and back down the hill. Saw a girl hitchhiking (which is acceptable in Costa Rica) and stopped to give her a ride. She was very interesting and has lived and traveled all over the world. She is currently working near Arenal at a "holistic theraputic healing type of place" that her father started recently. It was her day off, so she was heading to Liberia to catch a movie and buy some baker's chocolate. We asked if she would mind if we stopped in the town of Canas to look at the mosaic church. So she directed us there and even helped Alan find a head to use in the hardware store! This church was amazing! A local well-known painter and artist, Otto Apuy designed and directed the decorating of this church.
It includes some religious and some abstract designs.
He used whole and broken tiles.

The benches and parts of the town square were also covered in tiles!

On the highway back to Liberia, Alan decided he wanted to find the "perfect guanacaste tree". I picked this one...

Alan wanted to go back to the Hotel Coco Palms for a few t-shirts and all decided we could buy a few more gifts, so back into Playa del Coco. This is the main street heading down into town.

Then on to Playa Hermosa for our last afternoon and evening in Costa Rica!

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